The Star God Bust

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A bust of the Star God designed for FDM 3D printers.

Approximately 150mm without plinth, easily scaled to whatever size you like.

Prints without supports.

Three versions:

  • Original
  • Extended
  • Crowned

Three plinths:

  • Simple
  • Crystals1 (probably overkill)
  • Crystals2

I recommend using variable layer height to smooth the top of his... mask? headdress? if printing the Original version. The Extended and Crowned versions should look better, if variable layer height isn't an option. The two front prongs on his chest can be problematic. I've included 3mf files with a brim added to just these parts, to help adhesion until the parts all meet up.

This product consists of 3D-printing files for you to print yourself. No physical object is included. Print as many as you like for yourself and your friends, but please do not sell the prints without first seeking permission.

Design Files

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