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Supports recommended, I noticed a huge lack of decent bonsai planter 3d models and so I decided I would start designing some and sharing them :) I recommend using supports as well as printing it in ASA or PETG filament as these are both waterproof and ASA is solar stable "ASA is the plastic used in lawn sprinkler heads and car cup holders, very resistant to sunlight damage and weathering from being outside, PETG is the stuff used in soda bottles and is super recyclable and great for a waterproof part."

If you do decide to use PLA I recommend using a higher infill to make the part break down slower when exposed to sunlight, and it will happen if your growing a bonsai. Because any bonsai grower worth their salt allows their trees to have time in the sun outdoors because plants benefit so much from the sun that a life exclusively indoors could never provide.

The thing I suggest is if using PLA it will become brittle with exposure to water and sunlight, so if going that route I suggest making plans of printing out spares to repot if the PLA happens to break down significantly.

A note to newbies: ASA is like printing with ABS, so a heated bed and a insulated enclosure are likely a good idea. I have no experience with PETG but I do know that it requires a much hotter temp to print well than with PLA.

I plan on making more designs in the near future, if there are any ideas someone would like modeled for 3d printing, say a different particular bonsai planter shape or possibly something else I do take requests from this point forward. And I don't mind getting donations, however I have no idea how to set up a tip jar or if it's already a feature built in to this website. So maybe if someone knows better than me? ... I don't know. 

Anyway, the important thing is I am open to suggestions, and I might even model for free if the concept or execution itself isn't too hard to do.

contact me on my e-mail if not comfortable with submitting ideas on here.

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