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Sorcerer's staff

An original glowing wizard's stick that enchants everyone. Printed from Vertigo Galaxy by Fillamentum and Glow of Smartfill. It creates the contrast of light that is inside the sorcerer's so it can magically shine. Suitable for collectors, handymen or cosplay enthusiasts. What you need: a stick handle, we used a wooden broomstick (you can find it in the Hobbymarket) with a diameter of 25mm. Furthermore, 4x square nut M3 5,5x5,5 / 1,8mm and 4x screw M3x25mm. We also used a pocket flashlight as the light source inside the staff.

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Print description: All printed with 0.4 nozzle at 0.15mm layer. Objects were set to 3 perimeters. No support was needed only to optimize print speed occasionally. Our printing lasted 33 hours and material consumption was 70.37m. Send us your print experience to our email. Also, we will be happy for your any pictures. The model comes from the lovers of 3D printing and all kinds of production. If you are interested in our profile, check out our website or facebook and find out more about us. We will be glad for any observation of our work.



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