Tom Dixon - Beat Pendant Lights


These pendant lamps was modelled (by me) with inspiration from Tom Dixon's Beat Lights

3 Pendant lights are included: Wide, Fat & Tall.

These are fully functional lamps that requires you to print the lamp, install cord, bulb holder and bulb. Sizes: Beat Wide: 112mm tall x 216mm Ø Beat Fat: 183mm tall x 146mm Ø Beat Tall: 261mm tall x 116mm Ø Note: The Beat Tall can be printed in two parts (top & bottom) and afterwards glued together if your printer cannot print the full tall version. Each lamp has a 28mm ring inside that the lamp holder sits within.

Depending on printing material used I suggest using a light bulb with low heat emission such as an energy saver bulb or LED.

Suggestions for bulb & bulb holders:

Bulb Holder: (For E14 Bulb with 28mm thread and clamp ring)

Bulb: (10W E14 bulb in desired colour) Note: bulb should be fairly small to fit inside shade

Disclaimer: Please make your own judgement when building and using this lamp. I will not be responsible for any damage caused by using this model or suggestions given.

Design Files

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