Wire Rack Filament Spool Hanger

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Yes, yet another filament spool hanging device. I realized if I attached the spool to the underside of the small wire rack shelf I have next to my printer for my notebook that I could put tools and other things on the space underneath it. This should work for most types of wire rack shelving. This is set for a 90 degree hanging angle on a shelf 14" (356cm) wide. If your shelf is smaller or larger you might want to edit the .step files and change the angle of the rods. (Sorry, i'm not an openscad kind of thinker, heh) I also wanted a way to easily change spools (I keep my spares bagged up so they do not absorb Seattle moisture.) So the spool "axle" just sits in the sockets which allows it to be easily interchanged with my other spools. The outside nuts on the spool rod are not tightened down, but rather I have 2 nuts on the ends of the rod acting as a cap.

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