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Do you have a favorite fighter in Smash?, here you will find a collection of almost 70% of the fighter logotypes, all in designs of 3.6 cm diameter and 6 mm tall

Keychain logo:

  • Donkey kong (DK)
  • Falco (star fox)
  • Ike (fire emblem)
  • Fox (star fox)
  • Kirby (kirby)
  • Mario (mario bros)
  • Samus Aran (Metroid)
  • Mr Game and Watch (Mr Game and Watch)
  • Olimar (pikmin)
  • Mewtwo (Pokemon)
  • Rob (NES)
  • Isabell (aminal crossing)
  • Wario (mario bros)
  • Nana y Popo (Ice Claimbers)
  • Yoshi (Mario bros)
  • Link (the legend of Zelda)

if you like to make prints as the picture change the filament after 3.4 mm, you can print all those keychains with quality .2, fill 30-40% and will be ok :) hope you like this as much as me designing some of my favorite fighters.

Design Files

File Size

Logo Mr Game and Watch.STL
567 KB
Logo Pikmin.STL
832 KB
Logo Wario.STL
425 KB
Logo Pokemon.STL
532 KB
Logo Fire Emblem.STL
548 KB
Logo Metroid.STL
591 KB
Logo X.STL
555 KB
Logo Fox.STL
566 KB
Logo Rob.STL
737 KB
Logo Zelda.STL
521 KB
Logo Kirby.STL
646 KB
Logo Smash.STL
498 KB
520 KB
Logo Falco.STL
561 KB
Logo Mario.STL
402 KB
Logo Villager.STL
741 KB
Logo Yoshi.STL
377 KB


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