Triple Trouble


My daughter, Sophie and I attended this years' MakerFaire in New York. The Great Fredini scanned her on Saturday and she was very keen to have another go on the Sunday. As she was carrying an umbrella, she decided to have it in the shot. Fredini suggested trying it open and closed to see which would come out best. As you can see, we now have three marvellous scans that I've put into one model. Sophie was very pleased with the results and chose the title of this thing. I did think of making an old style barometer with the sunny/raining rotating figures - maybe another day. I don't know if anyone is interested in the model itself, but it is worth looking at just to see the quality of the finished scans produced by the Great Fredini and the Coney Island Scan-A-Rama. I highly recommend it if you get the opportunity. It's printed 150mm high on a Makerbot Replicator 2 on High settings (0.1 15% 2 shells with support) in ColorFabb BronzeFill. I still need to finish burnishing it...

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