Wall Flower Mount


Designed with sketchup, and split in 3 files for easy 3-color-printing. Parts are best printed upwards. You can print without support,  even de pegs of the click-system will print and adhese after a couple layers. don't slice above 0.2 mm layer thickness, otherwise, you will need support for the cloud.

Wall thickness is set at 1mm.

sliced with slicer, cura and PP3DP software. All printed fine. Scale the plate as big as your bed, and remember the scale for the cloud and the pot.

Find more of our models on thingiverse(3DPVDB) and our website: https://3d-printersvdb.be

Design Files

File Size

wall flower mount print plate small_fixed.stl
282 KB
wall flower mount CLOUD small_fixed.stl
206 KB
wall flower mount MOUNT small_fixed.stl
116 KB
wall flower mount POT small_fixed.stl
52.4 KB


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