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While provocatively curved, she is indeed very shy! She only allows a glowing glimpse of what she holds inside. A light shade for LED tea-light or Luxeon/Cree LED. Hiding the source from direct view, it results in a gentle light emerging Part of the (r)evolutionary twin-shell series. This family of shapes is one of my older pet projects. Over the years I designed and printed many shapes, sizes, thicknesses, slopes and variations. I usually mount the Cree-LEDS on an aluminum disc which is spray painted black. Besides looking very stylish this also function well as a cooling method for the LED. The current selection presented is optimized for home printing without support. From this particular iteration I have already printed Adam, so all should be OK. Without further delay... Please meet: Eno, Adam, Eve and Ando! Ca 12.5cm high and wide, with 2mm wall thickness. See the Shapeways shop for Nylon editions in other sizes: More will be online soon.

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