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These 2 LED lamps are more alike than they seem. Both share the same basic deign as these 2 lamps, but have rounded rather than square edges. The large one took 56 1/2 hours to print because it has a lot of non-visible internal structure that is a result of the many overlapping shells that comprise the geometry.

The overlapping shells are the result of the final geometry being created by double twisting a more basic shape, This blog page shows how to do a double twist:

I made the small one because I figured no one would want to take the time to print the big one. The small one uses the exactly same basic geometry, but it is smaller and has only a single twist. I also increased the number of ribs so they would be in scale with the smaller size. This one printed in just under 17 hours.

These lamps are designed to hold any one of several LED lights called "puck" lights. You can get these powered by either batteries of wall power. This blog page has links for wall powered lights that work well:

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