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During the Baroque, the ornamental, ornate and ornate nature of the art of this time showed a transient vital sense, related to the memento mori, the ephemeral value of riches in the face of the inevitability of death.This sentiment led us to value in a vitalist way the transience of the moment, to enjoy the light moments of recreation that life gives us.

Accent stones:   8 × Round 1.2mm, approx. 8 × 0.008 ct Total approx. 0.066 ct

Weight:  4.6 (14k), 5.3 (18k), 6.9 (pt), 3.5 (silver)

Diameter :    18.46 mm

Size : 8¼ (US)

Style:   Baroque, Classic, Organic, Vintage

Side stone setting:    Surface Prong

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