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Mother broke her dish drainer cup, heck why not make a new one and beef it up a bit.  Added ribs around the edge to reduce failure probability from horizontal forces (hitting the cup from the side while in a hurry).  The uneven line on the cup is due to a power surge and having to continue the print post glitch.  Recommend good adhesion to build surface for supports (I printed with drain slots touching the surface)


PLA 200C, Bed 60C

ABS (didn't test but should do fine as well, would provide more longevity with water)

Infill 20%

Supports: Yes, recommend a build plate adhesion for the support under the hooked area, & properly leveled bed with good nozzle retraction.

- 81 Deg. Overhang recommended. <45mm/sec on speed for supports, rest can be 45+.

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