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Decorative wall clock

Easy to print and no special requirements in printing

You will just need to have a quartz clock mechanism ( very cheap and available in the market ) , there is a picture available for it

3 parts

files format : STL

visit the whole collection :

The size of the model is:

Part1 ( bird 1 ) X: 55.97 mm, Y:43.21 mm, Z:5.00 mm  Part2 ( bird 2 ) X: 80.69 mm, Y:95.45 mm, Z:5.00 mm  Part3 ( Clock body ) X: 190.00 mm, Y:190 mm, Z:3.00 mm

And you may also able to change the size of the whole model as per your requirement and your need

if you decided to increase the size of the clock body to 300*300 or 400*400 mm , so you will find also a washer file to print just in case the center hole for mechanism got bigger due to size increase

The STL file have been sliced by S3D and you may also use Cura or Ideamaker

Design Files

File Size

7.75mm_Center hole washer.stl
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Clock body.stl
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