Important note : this model has been designed to be printed in large scale 200 * 200 mm and higher for wall decoration and it is not suitable for small scales ( less than 150mm * 150 mm )

For the one who love ancient Egyptian history

3D printed pharaoh ISIS with wings model for wall decoration or even a desktop decoration

3D model format : STL

The thickness of this model is 3mm , you may change this thickness based on your requirement by the slicer ( z axis )

The size of the model is X: 177 mm, Y:200 mm, Z:4.00 mm you may also able to change the size of the whole model as per your requirement and your requested build volume of your printer and print it on larger scale up to 500*500 mm

The STL file have been sliced by S3D and you may also use Cura or Ideamaker

Please leave your comment for improvement

Design Files

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