Ikea Skadis PS4 Controller Hook

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I couldn't find a hook that allowed me to hang my PS4 controller onto my pegboard and so I decided to make one instead.

There may be design flaws as it is my first design, do give feedback as to how this can be improved!

This was printed on my Dobot Mooz on Cura with 20% infill.


After using it for half a day, I realised that the initial designed experienced some warping. The bottom of the hook has been modified to be curved to allow it to mitigate this issue.


This design only requires you to use 1 hook to keep the controller. 

A beam has also been added to provide more stability to the controller instead of hoping the controller would just balance like the original design did. 


This design requires you to use 2 hooks instead.

The hook has an extended curved section to accommodate holding the controller at the joysticks instead.

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ps4-c hook TYPE A.stl
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ps4-c hook TYPE B.stl
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ps4-c hook v1_OLD.stl
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