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Kâ is a lamp to be made by yourself from A to Z, simple to manufacture and accessible to everyone.

To create it, I was inspired by the Scandinavian style. I like this refined and geometric aspect as well as the combination of wood with light colours.

I specially designed the Kâ lamp to be manufactured with 3D plastic printers. In the design, I took into account the technology and the way the object is printed, in order to avoid any support material and to ensure that the shape of the lamp elements is easily printed.

Concerning the lampshade, to change from the classic conical shapes, I energized it by facetizing it and giving it a modern style. You can adjust the inclination of the lamp by sliding the intersection module on the main foot. The lamp head is also adjustable.

The electrical part of the lamp consists of an E14 socket and a braided fabric cable with a switch and plug.

Kâ is versatile as it can also be used as a desk lamp or on a bedside table. Its dynamic appearance and geometric shade will bring a touch of modernity to your interior, highlighting a pleasant workspace.

Its sober and minimalist style will integrate very well into your various living rooms and will bring a touch of originality to your decoration!

Download the assembly instructions and find the article on the design of the Kâ lamp on our website QB Maker.com, see you soon!

CAUTION: It is essential to use an LED bulb to avoid heating the plastic of the lampshade. An incandescent bulb would melt the plastic in a few hours!

QB Maker is a protected trademark. Our products are protected by copyright. For any information please contact me by email: [email protected]


Printing time: about 12 hours

Printing speed: 60 mm/s

Printing temperature: 200 °C

Coating thickness: 0.2 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm

Filling: 100%.

Supports: None

Dimensions: 250 x 190 x 160 mm

Material: 137g PLA

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1 Abat jour.stl
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2 Pentagone.stl
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3 Clips pentagone.stl
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4 Module assemblage.stl
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Notice lampe Ka.pdf
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