Burger Patti Maker

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Decided to design this easy to print Burger Patti maker.

Patti size = 100mm in diameter and thickness to suit your own needs.

Print Layer height = 0.3mm (0.2mm will give better finish)

Infill = 30% but you can print it up to 100% infill depending on strength needed.

Printed mine with PLA for testing but best printing material recommended would be ABS or PETG.

No supports needed.

2 Versions of top press loaded. One with grill detail and one that is flat.

Bottom piece can be turned around to give you both versions. (flat or grill detail)

Would love to get feedback on design and if you would like to add something that will refine this design for future revisions.


Design Files

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Patty Drukker Base 10cm.stl
9.19 MB
Patty Drukker Base Ringplate.stl
382 KB
Patty Drukker Drukstuk Plain.stl
11.1 MB
Patty Drukker Drukstuk.stl
11.3 MB


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