QI-Charging Station + AppleWatch

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This is a charging-station for your mobile, its designed for the iPhone X suits perfectly in, but it charges all mobiles which are wireless-charging compatible. It charges the AppleWatch-Dock too, so you‘re able to charge your mobile and your clock at the same Time, so you are ready for your next Adventure.

It’s QI-Based, so it charges your Phone without any cable, you have only to put the phone on his Place and the battery will be charged.

The charging-module you need is available at Amazon, the Productlink:HKFV Qi Wireless Ladegerät PCBA Platine Spule Wireless Lade Micro USB Port DIY Micro USB Universal QI kabelloses Ladegerät PCBA-Modul Ladegerät und USB-Kabel Ladegerät und Datenkabel

For one version of the Charging-Stations you must cut off the cable of the Applewatch-Dock, you can use the rest of  the cable to power the whole Station, the other one is designed, that the USB-Plug fits in, through a whole.

Thanks for using and downloading my designes.

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