Electronics Organizer Kit

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These are 2 products to keep even more electronics in their place. 

The boxy looking one is a USB holder. Use it to keep flashdrives, mouse FOBS and stuff in order.

The other one is a device to keep cords from falling off of the nightstand and tables. Using double-sided tape, fasten it on the edge.  When you are done with cords, hook them in, so that they do not fall off. 

The separate file includes 4 Headphone Tangle Prevention Devices. 

To use this product; 

1. Insert the jack into the larger clip at the end. 

2. Wrap the cord around until you reach the biggest clip.  The mic snaps in here. 

3. Continue wrapping until you reach the earbuds. 

4. Finish it off by fastening them with the last clip. 

The Headphone Tangle Preventer is also available separately

This product design was conceived, designed and published by Brent Lemon, despite the existence of other similar products.

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