Popularity of Android Mobile Application Development


There are now many brands of smart phones in the market. Besides this, there are different operating systems and platforms. In the world of smart phone and mobile application the two names that reign supreme are the iPhones and the Android Phones.

  Apple Inc., the manufacturer of iPhones, has adopted a unique marketing strategy and is one of the pioneers of the smart phone market. This does not mean that it controls the whole market. Ever since the Android has come into the market the prominence of the iPhone is being threatened. Google is the leader of the group that manufactures the Android phones. Some of the main advantages that the Android has over the ios app marketing (operating system of the iPhone) are as follows.

The Android is an open source platform so there are no charges for downloading it. The Android software development kit (SDK) can easily be downloaded for free. This is obviously going to affect the costing of the Android application. The expenses incurred for Android application development are much less than that for iPhone applications. The tutorials for learning the Android application development and the technology for upgrading one’s skill at the same are available usually for free. This implies that the break even cost is reached much easily when the application develops an Android application.   

When the mobile application developer develops applications for other mobile operating systems or platforms he/she is usually subject to some limitations but this is not the case with Android mobile applications. The developer in case of Android mobile application avails the maximum possible liberty.   

When it is about the functionality and popularity the Android application are gaining a lot of momentum, so much so that their number may out beat the number of iPhone application in the near future. The possibility of this has increased just because according to the latest news the Google has bought Motorola one of the leading manufacturers of mobile and smart phone devices.   

Among the various Android applications review that are very popular one is the location based service application which is also called LBS app. With the help of this application the user can find the customer’s location through the global positioning system (GPS). The businesses can manage the IT efficiently because of the service integration which is based on Cloud technology. This sort of latest technology increases the applicable scope of the Android applications.  Most of the application developers have forecasted that in the future the Android applications may be used to buy things and do shopping.      

The sale of Android application is increasing by leaps and bounds. On the other hand the market of the tablets is also increasing. The Android tablets are going to support the Android applications. The sale of the tablets is projected to overtake the sale of the laptops and desktop PCs.

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