Hictop Snapon Cover with Base


Re-Designed the Hictop Controller Cover this cover has a base that slides over the stand off posts.

Then placing the Controller card on the stand off post as normally would.

The cover then snaps on or off when needed.

Aluminum Foil duct tape can be used to cover the inside to prevent EFI problems. Trim around vent holes.

Make sure you attach a ground wire to the  Aluminum Foil duct tape or EFI shielding will not work.

Designed using Fusion 360 Free, Do not Violate thier Terms of Contract.

Design Files

File Size

Hictop Cover.stl
430 KB
Hictop Cover T-Skin.stl
1020 KB
Hictop Base Oval.stl
63.2 KB
Hictop BaseSD.stl
205 KB


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