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3D voronoi necklace model

The purpose is to create a 3d model that could be eventually modified by the client or randomly just changing the intersections, sizes and geometries through a mathematical algorithm. This results in having different variations of the same “mother piece”, that could be chosen to better fit the client body shape or personal and individual style. An entire jewelry collection can be produced in this way, including necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings. The simple but strong lines make this necklace suitable for different occasions, ages, seasons. Its versatility makes it perfect for every individual style.

This version has the same geometry of the “flat” 3D printed voronoi necklace (which you can find here: but is developed in a tridimensional shape, forming a sort of cloud of empty polygons. The shape and size can be changed to become a small pendant, a necklace or even a collar necklace.

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