Less than lethal arrow heads


These less than lethal punching arrow heads are still very dangerous, and just like the polices definition of less than lethal, we figured out what would kill you, and we backed it off just a little bit. That mean these are not toys. These will be more than lethal against small game (as would a judo head or bunny busty) and inflict a crippling crush damage instead of a impaling damage that causes blood haemorrhaging. Okay - a little e about the file. This OBJ file is set up as 3 arrow heads and 3 arrow tails on a 100mm x 110mm bed, so very suitable to very small printers. Print these as 0.06 or 0.1mm with a 50% line or grid infill and you should ideally use a support on the insides. These arrow heads and tails have been set up to fit a 9mm wooden shafted does not require tapering, just print them out and stick them on your wooden shafts.  

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