Bakugan Prototype 3d model

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This was a project I started all the way back in Thanksgiving of this year. However I've had this idea for over three months now.

I planned it as a themed video to go along with the battle planet reboot. It was overall a fun learning experience to help me get used to Fusion 360.

Prototype 1 had a massive layer shift in the head and the head covered the peg holes I made for the wings.

Prototype 2 has the peg holes moved far and attached to the base. The wings were loose and always fell out.

Prototype 3 was where I began adding more detail and fixed the wings. The wings now stay in place and the swivel is more accurate to the original toy.

Prototype 4 was the final prototype where I modeled the horn and legs. I also fixed the head so it would close correctly.

The dragon sphere was printed on my cetus mk3 in eSun light blue pla+.

Design Files

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Dragon sphere Leg 2.stl
77 KB
dragon sphere wing rod(print 2x).stl
29.7 KB
dragon sphere wing new 1.stl
272 KB
Dragon sphere base New 2.0.stl
260 KB
dragon sphere body rod.stl
28.8 KB
dragon sphere face rod back.stl
26.7 KB
dragon sphere face rod front.stl
28.7 KB
Dragon sphere head bar new 2.0.stl
49.3 KB
Dragon sphere Head.stl
374 KB
Dragon sphere horn flat.stl
106 KB
Dragon sphere leg 1.stl
77.5 KB
dragon sphere leg rod.stl
27.2 KB
dragon sphere wing new 2.stl
274 KB


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