Obrez Pistol (working!!)

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This is an Obrez Pistol (from the Mosin Nagant). Its the design from Battlefield 1.

The trigger and loading rail are working (you can pull the handle up_back_forward like a real carabine to load and press the trigger to release the pin)

All you need to build this is:

  • 3D Print
  • 1 rubberband
  • A spring from a pen
  • 4 screws + nuts(Depending on the size you are printing this!!!!!) 
  • 100% scale model*: 1x: 10x3mm screw, 2x: 14x3mm, 1x: 25x4mm
  • 140% scale model*: 1x:14x4mm screw, 2x: 20x4mm screw, 1x 35x6mm screw

* the 100% scale version fits on a 20x20cm buildplate (eg. Ender 3), it fits your hand fine, but is not the original size.

*the 140% scale needs a 30x30cm buildplate (eg. CR10), I had no chance to print it, because my printer is to small (really want feedback for this)

I tried to take pictures of the assembly

If you have problems or questions just ask.

Hope you enjoy

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