Gamechuck Penchuck - Simple, Stupid pen holder for CNC

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This is a very simple (stupid) 'chuck' that uses a screw to hold down pens (or pencils, markers, etc.) in an open builds CNC (specifically the Ooznest Workbee) router mount. The springs were intended to cushion the blow if you miss your mark zeroing in and rammed your pen into the surface (you don't get more than 1mm travel with the current parts, will update in January). Tools Required (optional - can be assembled entirely by hand)

  • 5.5mm wrench for M3 nuts
  • 8mm wrench for M5 nuts
  • whatever tool you need to hold the top of the M3 screws, depending on what you get (allen key, philips/flathead)
  • (optional-optional) CA glue for gluing the M5 screw with a nut into the ChuckHandle

Bill Of Materials:

  • 1x Penchuck Base Solid
  • 1x Penchuck BusinessEnd
  • 1x Penchuck ChuckHandle 2x M5 nut
  • 1x M5x40mm screw
  • 3x M3x40mm screw
  • 3x M3 nuts
  • 3x M3 nyloc nuts
  • 9x M3 washers
  • 3x springs (salvaged from pens) DISCLAIMER: at this length of M3 screws, the springs are way way too long, and the chuck is in the way of the metal frame (and therefore cannot turn when assembled) will adjust in a future update

Print settings: Used standard Prusa PETG (in glorious Prusa ORANGE!) settings with their Slic3r, then slowed it down to 30% for the early layers, because it kept detaching. (suggestions welcome)

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