Tommy Gun Prop

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I modeled this after the John Wayne version of the tommy gun but you dont have to use the joker on the side.  The gun can be left blank for an authentic gangster look.  

This is the non functioning version of this gun.  The functioning one will have rubberbands and look like the barrel explodes when the trigger is pulled.  That one is still a work in progress.

Design Files

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Scroll Left Front.stl
930 KB
Scroll Left Rear.stl
930 KB
Scroll Right Front.stl
930 KB
Scroll Right Rear.stl
930 KB
Rear Site Right.stl
554 KB
Rear Site Left.stl
554 KB
Trigger Guard Right Rivet.stl
711 KB
Pistol Grip1.stl
861 KB
O Right.stl
28.1 KB
O Left.stl
28.1 KB
1.02 MB
J Right.stl
153 KB
E Left.stl
15.4 KB
Charging Handle.stl
1.31 MB
Charging Handle Connector.stl
44 KB
Trigger Guard Left.stl
186 KB
Tigger Guard Right Spring.stl
489 KB
Fore Grip Right.stl
2.95 MB
Fore Grip Mount.stl
1.25 KB
Fore Grip Left.stl
2.95 MB
E Right.stl
15.4 KB
210 KB
Butt Stock Left.stl
960 KB
J Left.stl
154 KB
J Old English (1).stl
142 KB
J Old English.stl
142 KB
K Left.stl
51.9 KB
K Right.stl
52 KB
Pistol Grip2.stl
861 KB
R Left.stl
26.4 KB
R Right.stl
25.3 KB
Tigger Guard Right.stl
223 KB
217 KB


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