Wishing Machine Inspired by The Greatest Showman movie


This was inspired by the Greatest showman movie which I made for gifts this Christmas.

This model was designed using a 50CM USB LED Strip Light. I choose this light because its safer for kids and plastic will melt with candles anyway.

This was printed in PLA.

See it in action:

Lamp Support: No Infill: 20% Layer height: 0.3mm Note: I had to reduce/limit the retraction when printing the lamp using copper PLA as there are too many holes that may cause clogging. However, I didnt have issues printing with black PLA.

Base Support: Yes Infill: 20% Layer height: 0.3mm

Handle, pole and candle holder Support: No Infill: 20% Layer height: 0.3mm

Printer Ender 3

Design Files

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