Detachable Ikosaeder Xmas Star

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Some craft for your holidays.

I used a LCD strip with RGB colors.

The new FiberFix Total Glue is recommended. It has a thin nozzle and blue light hardener. A must have.

You need to print 20 beams; 1 top and 1 bottom, 6 short and 12 long.

3 beam snaps per beam, 3 Ikosaeder snaps in total.

Start the assembly by gluing all of the beam snaps facing out.

Then attach the bottom beam to the lower Ikosaeder and insert LCD reciever down into the opening in the beam. Align the beam opening with the attachment inside the Ikosaeder as seen in rendering.

Fasten the control box to the Ikosaeder and a string to the top of control box. Make it a long one, reaching the ceiling.

Attach 3 long beams next to the bottom one.

Then long and short beams every other slot.

Repeat for top Ikosaeder. Mount the top beam with power cable insert facing opposite the bottom beam reciever.

You might want to verify that the short bottom beams face an upper long one.

Glue the 3 Ikosaeders snaps to the upper Ikosaeders, facing in.

Insert control box string through the top of the top beam.

Insert a LCD strip loop into every beam and verify it lights up before connecting top and bottom Ikosaeders.


Design Files

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XmasStar beam bottom.stl
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XmasStar beam long.stl
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XmasStar beam short.stl
753 KB
XmasStar beam snap.stl
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XmasStar beam top.stl
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XmasStar Icosphere lower.stl
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XmasStar icosphere snap.stl
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XmasStar Icosphere upper.stl
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