Volvo V60 Seat adjustment lever

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For people that find the seat adjustment bar for forward/back movement of the drivers seat in a Volvo V60 is difficult to reach.

This lever fits over the release bar and gives you a easy to reach lever. The levers holder fits tightly over the seats release bar and needs a bit of force to attach. But if you think it might come of the seat, there are 3 grooves on the holder where you can strap cable ties for extra security.

When you look at the model it looks like you want to print it lying down, as it is in the first picture. The problem is that the holder in the back end is quite tight and is pushed apart by the release bar, and that might make it split in one of the layer lines. For that reason I recommend that you print it standing on its end like in the screenshot from Slic3er. This needs a lot of support, but it might be necessary.

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