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Had printed so many iPad holders which didn't really satisfy me so designed this with a brace so there is very little effort required.  It is a bit big but I have been using this since I made it and it works really well and more importantly its very secure.  I sanded the parts until they were very smooth then airbrushed them with a final coat of acrylic varnish.  Supports are not needed and the infill is really up to you.  For the stand that sits in the Remote I used 5 Bottom and top layers and 5 outlines so I had enough plastic to sand.  My infill was 60% which results in a really strong part.  The brace needn't be printed with such a high infill.  On the brace I have added small 2mm circles to increase the base size which I use on many of my models as it really helps with adhesion.  Please feel free to modify etc but please post your makes.  Thanks

PS If you would like your item printed or just painted send a message and I would be more than happy to help for a small cost.  UK only 

Printed on BQ Witbox which I should say is now 4 years old and it still works faultlessly

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