Lemon squeezer. LOW POLY

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This lemon juicer has a robust design to withstand the stresses required.

After several designs failed by the forces to which they submitted. At last I have achieved a model that meets the characteristics of its function.

The model consists of two very easy-to-print pieces and a screw with a 0.11-inch diameter x 1.90-inch long nut must be used to join the pieces together. I used an extra one to assemble my printer.

IMPORTANT: the model must be printed in the same position as observed in the photos so that the layers can easily withstand the pressure and follow the printing recommendations.

Layer height: 0.2mm or less Wall thickness: 3.2mm or higher Support: necessary Print speed: 60mm / s Adhesion plate: edge 0.8mm Temperature: according to material, in this case use PLA (my printer does not get along very well with other materials). Filling: 40% or higher (grid)

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