Samurai Helmet wearable

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Hi Folks been thinking about doing one of these for quite a while, and here it is. Fully wearable, the current size is about 200mm helmet bowl diameter so scale to suit. It is quite a long print with each part taking about 1 ,1/2 hours at 0.25 orient the parts for best printing, I found the peak to be best printed on its two ends, supports are needed on most, but they are quite small supports. Some of the parts are obvious like 'Front plate x3.stl' print 3 off, otherwise print x1 you will need to glue the parts together but they do have location tabs to help. there are some different parts so choose the ones you like Next job is to paint it Enjoy and if you print please post pics Thanks for looking

Design Files

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Helm Back plate.stl
722 KB
Fuki right2.stl
2.75 MB
Fuki left2.stl
2.75 MB
Neck guard top pt1.stl
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Neck guard3 pt2.stl
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Helm plate x6.stl
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Neck guard3 pt1.stl
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181 KB
Front plate x3.stl
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Fuki left.stl
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Fuki right.stl
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Neck guard 2 pt1.stl
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541 KB
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Neck guard top pt2.stl
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Neck guard 2 pt2.stl
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