Quick Swap System for Anet A8

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Quick Swap Mounting System for Anet A8/Prusia Printers

This is something that was inspired by TazerReloaded's dremel tool mount. I was looking at it and several other tool mounts and wondered how nice it would be if they all used the same system. So I did some modification to them and made the main things available that are most commonly used with this printer. It works with the standard Direct Direct Stock metal bracket if you cut 2 3mm square notches close to the bottom back edge. Included are the following:

  • 1 - Main Mounting Bracket - This will replace your main tool mount. Extra options can be mounted on the back (holes exist for screws for the X-axis belt and any x-axis belt holder you can find around here)
  • 2 - Bowden Head Mount Plate - For any standard E3D Bowden Head (Extruder mount coming)
  • 3 - Bowden Head Clamp - To secure the E3D head to the mounting plate (duh)
  • 4 - Bowden Head Fan Duct - Mount the fan on the top square hole and the fan duct on the bottom (two screws will hold it in place nicely... UPDATE: Fan Duct can now be adjusted for longer E3D heads!).
  • 5 - Laser Mounting Plate - For a cheap laser... got mine here https://goo.gl/obFmFD
  • 6 - Dremel Wand Mount Plate - Want to turn your printer into a CNC machine? This mount will hold the Dremel Wand attachment for CNC routing on your printer!
  • 7 - Dremel Wand Clamp - Of course you have to clamp it tightly or it won't hold still and flop around uselessly!
  • 8 - Blank Mounting Plate - I added this in for you to add your own mount for whatever you can dream of... If I don't have a mount for your specific needs, just slap it onto this little bad boy and you're good to go!
  • 9 - Pen/Knife Mounting Plate - Here's a nifty little plate that you can clamp a pen, pencil, brush, or X-atco knife to! Might come in handy! It'll hold any round shafted object up to 15mm, just use a screw in each of the holes to hold it firmly.
  • 10 - Sponge Holder - Here's something I made to help keep my nozzle nice and clean, it attaches to the H-plate in the front right corner of the hotbed to hold a sponge to clean the nozzle off before every print! Really works! Add the code below to your starting script! Here's a video of it in action!


  • 11 - BL Touch Side Mount - If you've got a BL Touch, here's an adjustable side mount for it!

I've seen other universal mounts that over complicate things dramatically (even going so far as to make you do all the wiring to the mounting bracket) but honestly, this is a simple idea, it's quick change, can print multiple copies to have an extra ready in case something goes wrong with one. Really makes swapping out different tools easy! Give it a try and lemme know what you think! Here's a video of how quick it is to swap out the tool heads... https://youtu.be/nASWiiNW6_k

Here's a video from Mouss32 showing the system using a Laser module: https://youtu.be/QSvGq9eQdpA

Here's a video from Mouss32 showing the using of a Dremel tool: https://youtu.be/cdS-XUrf4mw LATEST UPDATES: 9-19-18

  • Added a BL Touch Adjustable Side Mounting Bracket


  • Added a Sponge Holder to the system to clean your nozzle off before printing everytime. Just add this code to your STARTING SCRIPT: G0 Y80 F7500; G0 X-13; G0 Y30 F7500; G0 X-10; G0 Y80 F7500; G0 X-26 Y30 F7500; G0 X-19 Y45.5 F7500; G0 X-26 Y51 F7500; G0 X-19 Y56.5 F7500; G0 X-26 Y62 F7500; G0 X-19 Y67.5 F7500; G0 X-26 Y73 F7500; G0 X-19 Y73 F7500; G0 X-26 Y67.5 F7500; G0 X-19 Y62 F7500; G0 X-26 Y56.5 F7500; G0 X-19 Y51 F7500; G0 X-26 Y45.5 F7500; G0 X-19 Y30 F7500; G0 Z10; End brush nozzle G0 X110 Y110 F7500; return to center


  • I updated the fan duct today to allow for adjusting for optimal height on the Z axis to support different types of E3D J-heads. Appears some tend to be longer then others. This will allow you to move the duct up and down about 20mm in either direction. Lemme know if that helps!


  • I created a new Pen holding plate for Plotting... can also be used to hold an X-Acto knife!


  • Added some holes to side of mounting bracket to make it easier to add accessories like sensors, fans, etc.
  • Fixed the mounting holes for fan duct on bowden mount, they were too low.
  • added locking pin behind plate to make plate more rigid in the bracket so it doesn't move up and down while printing.
  • Made Dremel Flex Shaft Mount Plate beefier
  • Made mounting plate beefier so it doesn't flex at all.

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