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After seeing the first episode of disenchantment i decided to design Luci the demon. in order to do it i used the sculpt function of fusion 360. I made two versions one with a base and the other without it. 

   "I'm gonna drink flaming grog from a baby's skull!"

Luci is one of the main characters in Disenchantment. He lives in Dreamland, and is Princess Bean's "personal demon".

Extra info: 

Luci may be evocative of Lucifer, another name for the Devil. The name Luci itself ultimately derives from Lucius, meaning "light", perhaps a nod to his shadow-like visage.


Luci is from both Hell and Maru. Luci was sent to Bean by Enchantress and Emperor Cloyd, who spectate the shows events through a green flame. They reside in a temple in Maru, revealing Luci is from Maru as well. Luci once said he isn't comfortable in churches, although he had no physical reaction to it, perhaps being a demon alters just his state of mind.

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