Kitchenaid Rock Tumbler

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After building a very crude version of this tumbler to polish up some bronzefill dice I made I revisited the idea to make this more clean looking version. This requires a very small amount of materials to make and there will be a version coming along that will only need to filament to build this without any M3 screws and nuts.

For this version you will need: 2 X M3x30 3 X M3x18 5 X M3n

Can be easily printed in PLA or PETG and there are files for pla "bearings" and TPU lined "Pro bearings". The bearings are the same measurement as skateboard bearings so those can be used as well if you have a couple spares laying around.

The build instructions can be followed in the pics and only requires an Allen wrench for the assembly.

Filament layer swaps for added visual style to match my Kitchenaid.

The Tumbler Housing Back, Tumbler Housing Front, and Tumbler Can will need support added.

The Tumbler Can Mounting Post and Tumbler Housing Arm will need a brim added.

Either PLA or PTEG are acceptable filaments for this project. The Tumbler Bearing Pro Flex is printed in TPU.

Design Files

File Size

Tumbler Housing Front.stl
93.1 KB
Tumbler Can Mounting Post.stl
588 KB
Tumbler Can.stl
792 KB
Tumble Housing Back.stl
563 KB
Tumbler Can Lid.stl
463 KB
Tumbler Bearing Pro X 2 (optional).stl
1.07 MB
Tumbler Housing Arm X 2.stl
103 KB
Tumbler Bearing Pro Flex X 2 (optional).stl
513 KB
Tumbler Housing Arm Washer X 2.stl
87.5 KB
Tumbler Bearing Basic X 2.stl
592 KB


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