Srs Silverback Front and railraiser


need a rail raiser on your srs silverback here it is.

this also gives a other look for your srs silverback. it´s printed on my ender 3 the railrasier and rail was printed in 45 angle wiht werry little support all 3 sizes is in this packet you will need   8pcs m4 x25  screws 8pcs m4 nuts  14pcs m5 x4 counter sinks  i printed in pla pro from spectrum

Design Files

File Size

Rail back.stl
795 KB
Rail Midt.stl
1.41 MB
Rainl front Medium.stl
2.27 MB
Rainl front small.stl
1.95 MB
Rainl front.stl
2.63 MB


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