Nazgul Gauntlets (The lord of the rings) for Cosplay

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Here it is, my own version of a real Nazgul Gauntlet made to be entirely 3D printed in any kind of filament. 

How to build it:

Each finger has a different number of the same pieces called fingerpieceA. Starting by the thumb finger, the number of fingerpieceA you have to print is: x4, x5, x6, x5, x4. If you look at the images you may see it easily. Nevertheless, every finger has x1 fingerpieceB and x1 fingerpieceC, except the thumb, that hasn't got the fingerpieceB (look at the pictures if it is not clear).

Then you got the knuckles(x1), and from closer to further: x1 handpiece1, x1 handpiece2, x1handpiece3, x1handpiece4.

To end, x1 thumbfingerpiece, that is like a special finger piece but bigger made just for the thumb.

Summarizing, to make the entire gauntlet you'll have to print:

.x24 fingerpieceA.stl

.x4 fingerpieceB.stl

.x5 fingerpieceC.stl

.x1 thumbfingerpiece.stl

.x1  handpiece1.stl

.x1 handpiece2.stl

.x1 handpiece3.stl

.x1 handpiece4.stl

.x1  knuckles.stl

Obviously, I designed this gauntlet measuring my hand, so it is quite probable that you will have to rescale the pieces, but with every slicer you can do it. I use Cura and its very easy to do it. And if you want the other hand just use the mirror settings of the slicer too.

I printed the majority of the files with 0.2 high layer and it worked perfectly, and if you set it in the right position you won't need to use any supports ( except likely in the thumbfingerpiece ).

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