Cristiano Ronaldo V2

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Hi. This is the second version of the world's best footballer "Cristiano Ronaldo" figurine which can be printed apart. 

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Design Files

File Size

FB L leg.stl
1.63 MB
Nike R.STL
297 KB
CR7 head.STL
8.25 MB
CR7 JerseyNo logo.STL
8.16 MB
CR7 L shirt .STL
1.08 MB
CR7 R shirt.STL
578 KB
CR7 pant (repaired).stl
1.38 MB
CR7 Larm fist.stl
3.28 MB
CR7 R arm fist.stl
3.28 MB
Nike L.STL
297 KB
FB R leg.stl
1.63 MB


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