Sculpted key hanger


A small and fast work (created in Blender) to replace my key hanger hooks. After the initial load in Sli3R I decided to split the print into 2 parts: print time is then more manageable and also the later positioning is better (depends on the size of your keys). I printed mine on Prusa I3 MK3, PLA, .2 mm layer (Prusa Fast Profile), 10% Infill. I looks good enough. Big number of small details on the plate slows down the print, but definitely looks much better the just a plane surface. 

Hooks may require supports. I printed mine with support, but I also gave it a try without it (on a small peace with only one hook and without details). End of the hook looks almost the same (only a little worse without support), but with support you have to be very careful removing it, you may brake the hood in the process. If you want a trial one hood STL, please contact me, I will send it to you. 

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