Punisher Case Galaxy s7 edge

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Its a phone case for samsung galaxy s7 edge of the punisher with the space for the non-linear screen. so you can use it without loosing space from your screen. charger and headphones space are perfect. measurement its already set so yo can directly printed.

i already printed it for my galaxy s7 edge and fits perfectly. i use glow in the dark hatchbox pla then paint with some acrylic. i havent printed it with other materials such as abs or petg so i cant tell you how it works with that materials, but with pla its perfect. i printed it 45° degrees so reduced the space needed and also reduce the amount of supports used it.

0.18 layer height

220°c extrution

no heat bed

fits in 140mm x140mm x140mm or bigger

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s7 edge v6.stl
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