Chicken Feeder PVC adapter

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With this adapter one can turn a PVC pipe and a bucket into a chicken feeder with flexible food capacity(i.e change pvc height to accomodate more/less food).


For this project one would require a 20litre bucket cut to less than a quarter of its height(mine was cut at 60mm),a PVC pipe of 4inch dimeter cut at a height of 400mm or even twice that depending on the food requirement of your chickens,M3 screws and very hungry chickens!

installation instructions 1.Drill holes to fix the adapter on the cut bucket using the adapter as a guide to holes position 2.Fix the adapter on the bucket with the M3 screws until you make sure the adapter doesnt shake. 3.Put the PVC pipe on top of the adapter between the top spacing of the adapter as seen on the pictures.

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