Interstellar Mining Co. Board Game (Work in Progress)

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 This is a board game that I'm working on.  It is for 2-4 players. It takes about 10-20 minutes to play a game.  It is a game about positioning, resource management and inter-player relationships. See the pdf for the rules.   The stl files are a bit different from the rules because I have been using legos as game pieces and poker chips as resource tokens. The fuel tokens do not fit on the tiles so you will just have to pay fuel as you go instead of placing fuel of the moved units. So far I have 3 maps drawn up, but I have only really played Map1.

I printed everything well on fairly standard settings (2 shells, 10% infill, standard speed). I would recommend printing the game pieces, or pegs as they're labeled, with more shells so they don't break off. You should print a set of game pieces (1 CO, 1 Base, 4 carriers, 4 tanks and 4 artillery) in a different color for each player and resource tokens (7 of each resource per player) of different colors for each resource.

Let me know if you have questions or are confused by anything. Also let me know any observations about the game that you want to share so that I can develop the game accordingly. I will update this to be more clear and  update the rules as I develop the game futher.

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