Drag-Knife Mount via Diaphragm Flexure

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This is a 3D printed adaptor that adds a drag-knife mount to a 1610 CNC Mill/Engraver.  It uses two 3D printed diaphragm flexures mounted in a circular holder to provide the necessary Z-axis motion while being very rigid in the X/Y plane.

Drag-knives, available via Ebay very cheaply, are used to cut out vinyl stickers.  This adapter allows sticker cutting with a cheap CNC mill .

The complete write-up is here:  http://fixerdave.blogspot.com/...

Here are the Fusion 360 project files for the: 

Diaphragm:  https://a360.co/2Pa38aI

Housing: https://a360.co/2MBsCks

The design is free to download but it you want to buy me a cup of coffee then get the bundle:  https://pinshape.com/items/420...

Oh, and I included a spindle cradle as a place to hold the spindle motor when using the drag-knife.  It's not so great, but gets the job done.

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Diaphram M6 v3.stl
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Housing M1 v5.stl
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SpindleHolder M1 v3.stl
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