Dobot M1 harnessing clip

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This clip fits securely on the bicep of the Dobot M1 SCARA robot arm. The M1 is an industrial specification multipurpose robot arm that is both user friendly and great value. We sell the Dobot M1 here and offer training and integration services. 

The M1 can be used for a whole range of industries and applications. From lab work to labelling mugs. We have been supplying industrial robot solutions for many years, from low cost solutions like the dobot through to entire production lines.

This clip allows the simple routing of cables, pneumatic tubes etc along the arm, keeping them out of the way. This is a pretty simple version, we custom make the design to suit exact applications as needed - get in contact via [email protected] and let us know what you need. 

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Dobot Bicep Clip v1.stl
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