1214 (AWG) Wire Stripper (Mini Harmonica Design)

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This is the new MINI version of this stripper that only uses one razor.  The sizes for the mini are currently 12 and 14 AWG.  I will make more in the future!  Any requests are welcome!!!

The original design is located here: 


The original is a wire stripper I designed to reclaim copper from computer based wires.  This "Harmonica" style stripper works on both PC and Server cables.  The "9408" designations are for the wire gauges to be used: 9, 4, 0, 8 AWG.  If you need a specific size please let me know, I will be happy to accommodate a modification on the files!

Thanks for checking out my design!


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1214 AWG HWS MINI Lower Insert.stl
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1214 AWG HWS MINI Upper Insert.stl
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1214 AWG HWS MINI Body.stl
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