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Introducing the SnoLabs Penguin!

Lost from his flock this little guy was left waddling around in the Antarctic. After long days lost in snowstorms, he was luckily found unconscious by some Makers that were able to revive him. Fortunately, these Makers had a 3D printer to make him an exoskeleton with a jetpack! However, during the procedure, he woke with a case of amnesia.

This model is support free with 8 points of articulation in its flaps, feet, tail, knees and rotating head! His printed/sitting height is 100 mm, and we will be posting a larger 130 mm and smaller 80 mm model as well! We do not recommend scaling the model, as such, we have different sizes available that optimized for 80 mm, 100 mm, and 130 mm sitting heights. Major shout out to Louise Driggers a.k.a Loubie for designing this model in Blender for SnoLabs.

Printing Tips! The penguins are a precision print and will require your printers and filament dialed in correctly with optimized retraction. The model is designed to print in place without any supports. If you have any adhesion issues, we recommend using PEI sheets and Magigoo!

Don't forget to tag @SnoLabs3D and Loubie in your posts!

These penguins were printed with SnoLabs filaments and tested with our PLA, PLA+, PC+, and PETG available on our site,

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NOTE: If you downloaded 100 mm V3, there is an issue with the tail not articulating. This issue has been fixed with V4.

Update: 8/27/18 -It didn't affect print quality, but to have a better model we have addressed the degenerative triangles in v4 with v6.

Update: 06/29/19 -Thanks to Keegan Bradford, we've included Grumpy Penguin remix!

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