Lamp Shade with Visible Gyroid Infill


Visible Gyroid infill is nice on a lamp shade, no direct light in your eyes. Remix your own cap, e.g. pear leaf'd.

If you dont know how to slice..

Open Slic3r (Prusa 1.4.1+)

Print settings Perimiters: 0 Solid Layers: 0 Infill: Gyroid. In my pics it is printed at 20%

Add the shade model Right click it and then settings

Load gyroid part by clicking Load part..

Select shade model, click the plus and choose perimiters - set it to e.g. 4 Add top solid layers and add bottom layers, set both to e.g. 5

Add infill pattern

Click OK

Slice it!

Design Files

File Size

GyroidLampShade gyroid.stl
247 KB
GyroidLampShade shade.stl
139 KB
GyroidLampShade cap.stl
79.8 KB


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