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what is it:

The Radiance Pendant is a chic geometric design made up of 3 dimensional rings which form a diamond to create the bold and delicate illusion of lace. The design is stunning when worn as a necklace pendant and earrings pendants ensemble for dress or casual. The Radiance Pendant is 44.25 mm x 57 mm x 6 mm.


After working in the retail fashion world selling designer brands for a number of years, I decided to become a designer myself. Last year I started up a handcrafted jewelry business. Since my husband is an engineer, and introduced me to 3D printing I slowly began adding 3D printed items to my jewelry line. Surfing the web for inspiration for developing more 3D printed jewelry I came across the Pinshape/ Elle Time & Jewelry Design Competition.

what inspired it:

I was inspired to create a sophisticated necklace pendant for this competition by the modern, sleek necklace pendants on the Elle Time & Jewelry website.

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