Water Fun - cool down

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It's hot outside? Why don't you print this little water fun device, plug it in and walk under the spray?   ;-)

It does not need much water and does not need much space.

Caution: Only use a reduced water pressure. Just turn up the water a bit until you get a height of about 2 meters or 6 feet.  High water pressure might burst this device and people might get hurt or things can be damaged. So be careful - even with these 2 meters. And water itself can be dangerous. Don't slip and hurt yourself! And don't let water accumulate when there are small children, because they can drown even in just a few centimeters (inches) of water.

Printing: To get best results, reduce the print speed at the smaller layers at the connector to about 30% of the normal print speed on FDM printers. When the small holes are blocked, open them with a 1mm drill by hand or by drilling carefully with low speeds. Higher drilling speeds on any kind of plastic may result in melting and some plastic may clog around the drill and gives you unpredictable results.

The connector does not have a sealing and a bit of water is leaking, but this does not matter with this object.

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